Stephen always wanted to write. It has taken many years, a break in his career, and some inspiration to take the leap and put the pen down.

Few years back, when he paused from international and very practical works, Stephen was encouraged to give a chance to the ambition of becoming an author, a wish that he had archived since his younger years for the wiser study of Sciences and Medicine.

After few essays, his skills were confirmed and inspirited by his teachers, themselves already proven authors. These reassuring reviews, and being as well at a crossroad of circumstances in life, were enough to rekindle that dormant fire. The moment had come to finally write.

Being an enthusiast of history, most of his writings are set in a past when life could be as dark as it was refined, brutal but patient, intriguing but always mysterious. They also take place in locations where, during his travels, his imagination has found in the cracks of old stones or the vestiges of lost times of prestige the shadowy spaces where to plant the roots for his stories, sometimes unexpectedly.

Stephen was born in France but has traveled from a young age. The virus of the nomad took him early. It never passed and is not expected to die soon. It has carried him across several continents over the past 35 years. Today, he lives in Barcelona although, regularly, often for the sake of research for his next novel, he also shares some of his time in other cities. These years, he focuses his trips primarily to the places where the future protagonists born from his imagination live, grow, change, love, and… well, the rest is in the pages…

More specifically, nowadays, and when the committing discipline of writing allows, Stephen has and is dedicating time to explore, feel and be inspired by the streets of Berlin, Venice, its Lido, Milan, Liverpool, London and, naturally, Barcelona.

* * *

Aquilis Serenade is Stephen´s first novel to be published although the second to be written. He has many other projects waiting to become the reality of a book. Some are (almost) finished, more are in process.

Stephen J. Chancellor - Biography - Aquilis Serenade Author

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