The Berliner route to Aquilis Serenade

Whether you are from Berlin, know Berlin, planning to visit with the book under your arm or in your head, or wish to follow the streets, parks, and monuments cited in Aquilis Serenade, here are some maps.

They show the places mentioned or frequented by the protagonists along their journey (some exceptions mark the nearest place available to mark through such mapping). The rest is up to your imagination and your emotions.

I sincerely hope that you will even find in Aquilis Serenade the long postponed reasonĀ to prepare a travel or a return to BerlinĀ before letting go of the moments you have shared with the characters for some days or weeks. And why not, we may even conceive, for some of you, that we may meet again there, between the pages of the book and a long time no see moment.

Route AS Berlin Overview

Route AS Berlin Mitte

Route AS Berlin Wedding to Prenzlaueur

Route AS Berlin West