Since the release of Aquilis Serenade worldwide (in Kindle version, on Amazon, on July 9th 2017), some followers have asked me how to read the book on their device. In fact, I had not consider that my initial option for publication could hinder their ability to access or read it. In most cases, concerns were of not being able or to be limited for lack of owning an actual Kindle device.

Be reassured. Although the format for the book content is indeed Kindle, you can read it on all and any tablets, even on phones although the screen size may not be the most comfortable one to use.

In truth, reading the novel on an iPad or Android tablet will provide you with the extra benefit of seeing the cover (only front available in electronic form) in its full artwork of colours.

So HOW can you do it, meaning download and read, until a paper version can finally furnish your night stand:

FOR APPLE iPad users, go to the Apple store and download for free the Kindle App.

FOR ANDROID supported tablets (the PC version of tablets), you can follow pretty much the same path but starting from its own Google Play store.

The EASIER WAY to actually buy and download the book is to connect to your local Amazon website. Go to your account, search and buy any book, much faster, hopefully mine amongst others. Once purchased from your account on the Amazon website, the book will be automatically be sent to the Kindle app of your tablet.

(I have added a PHOTO GALLERY to show the path from installing the FREE app to reading the book on it in the page form you prefer)

If you have more questions, you can still visit this dedicated page on Amazon that will guide you in setting up the Kindle App on your device. There are also guidelines to access Kindle products on any computers whether Apple or PC.