Important Notice on the Paper Format of Aquilis Serenade


In relation to the current availability & purchase of Aquilis Serenade, be informed that the libraries Proteo, Prometeo and Rayuela, located in Spain, adevertise the distribution of the book “Aquilis Serenade” illegally, under false houses of edition. No copyrights, edition nor distribution agreement has been granted to these parties

It is not known if the offers of these libraries can actually translate in actual deliveries. Regardless, their promotion of the novel is inaccurate and in infringement of the laws of edition, distribution, and copyrights.

Know, that as of today, no paper version is currently available. However be reassured that I am working to release one soon. I am indeed hopeful to be able to propose such format by the end of 2017.

Aquilis Serenade´s launch reaches 7 countries


Aquilis Serenade first readership

Few days have passed since the official release of Aquilis Serenade, lets not be afraid to say 3 weeks actually.

Aquilis Serenade - Stephen J. Chancellor - Romantic Novel by Berlin Wall

Although I am not ready to leave my day job quite yet, I am pleased to report that the novel has been selected by readers in 7 countries and I assume sometimes by people who, in spite of not being native of its version (English), have shown curiosity for its story.


My warmest thanks to the first readers in the UK, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Germany and Spain

Aquilis Serenade now Available on Amazon Kindle (click here for direct links)

Aquilis Serenade - Stephen J. Chancellor - Romantic Novel by Berlin Wall

Shall you meet difficulties to download the electronic version, until a suitable paper format is made available, follow this link to a guide (posted on this website) on the steps to install the Kindle app, order and download the book. All is left is for you to do is read and enjoy.

Guide to download & read Kindle format book

Below are shown direct links to some of the main Amazon´s pages :

Aquilis Serenade (to date English version) is available worldwide from all Amazon sites.

As of today, it is only published in electronic Kindle format but its printed version should be released soon (given the necessary time).







Aquilis Serenade 1st UK Reader´s review

The first review of Aquilis Serenade, by a UK reader, is now published, although only visible through

It is repeated in plain text next to the original image for better reading.

Aquilis Serenade - Stephen J. Chancellor - Romantic Novel by Berlin Wall

Aquilis Serenade st UK review

“It has happened to me a few times before, with some of the (many) books I have read, to finish the book and hold it in my arms because I did not want to let it go.
It has happened with this book (I was holding my Kindle in this case but it’s the same).
I bought this book because I was attracted by the cover and because I read it was about Berlin, a city I adore.
And I’m so glad I bought it!! I loved every single page, I could not put it down.
The story develops in a way that I did not expect, and it stretches across different periods, which makes it very interesting. I think the historical facts are very well reported and the story develops around them. The parts about the Cold War, the building of the wall and the way the relationships between East and West Germany were evolving are excellent.
The two main characters are so well depicted in their feelings that at the end of the book I felt as if I knew them personally.
Berlin is a big part of this book, and I felt as if I was back there, walking its streets and visiting my favourite places. This book should be a must for whoever loves this fantastic city.
And something I really want to highlight about this novel: it is very well written!!
How wonderful it is for book lovers to find a book with a good story that is also a pleasure to read. The style, the words, the way the story flows, the dialogues, they are all so good. Some sentences are just beautiful.
I searched for other books from this author but I haven’t found any. Hope he will publish more. Highly recommended!”

Aquilis Serenade 1st in Key Amazon Rankings

A week from launch, Aquilis Serenade sits on top of the key searches on Amazon related to categories and themes.

Learn more following to the link below to the News post (on this website) :

Aquilis Serenade launches as 1st in Key Amazon searches


Aquilis Serenade - Stephen J. Chancellor - Romantic Novel by Berlin Wall
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Aquilis Serenade Pre-Release Sample

Sample available thru End of Chapter 2.

All rights reserved and registered.

Since his early age, Joe had always had one wish: Fly.

Not content with flying above the farmlands of California, Joe longs for the thrill of higher and faster adventures. Against the laws of his uncommitted country, he decides to flee across countries and an ocean to join the ranks to fight that war in Europe.

When his plane crashes in the heart of the enemy land and he is saved and hidden by a German family, Joe discovers that a ´kite´ is not the only thing able to make his heart fly.

His encounter with Hanne, a young girl trapped in a strict and uneventful country life, will change his life forever, and hers as well. But the reality of war soon catches up with them. As they must run and their paths separate, Joe feels that his wings are cut off once again.

Alone now, Hanne moves to Berlin, to a city where new opportunities await her. There, she sets herself to answer her calling, only to find out that it comes at a cost and she finds herself caught in the game of spies of a new and cold War.

But, neither Hanne nor Joe have forgotten the stranger they have met and lost in the fog of war. And just as fortune eases its hold on their strangled passion, one early summer morning of 1961, a wall rises. Everything changes. Her city, her country and the world are split and so is their destiny.

A story stretching beyond the fires of World War II well into the intrigues of the Cold War, in the streets full of shadows of a disputed Berlin, will leave an indelible mark on the lives of two characters forbidden by conflicts of steel, ideas and a wall.

“He thought that God must be laughing at his expenses, at the cruel trick of making him a man with the heart of a bird.”

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